About Us

Game/Play is a collaboration between Q Arts/Quad Derby and HTTP Gallery London, providing a framework for artists, curators and writers to develop a context for a practical and conceptual exchange through exhibition, commission and networked activity.

The Curatorial Team

Giles Askham (lead curator and co-ordinator),

Corrado Morgana (independent curator),

Louise Clements (Q-Arts)

Marc Garrett (HTTP)

Ruth Catlow (HTTP)


During autumn 2006 Q Arts will change into a new organisation – QUAD, amalgamating with Metro, an independent cinema, relocating its successful exhibition and participatory programmes to a new purpose built arts venue at the heart of Derby’s city centre in 2008. Q Arts is Derby’s leading visual arts organisation with a focus on media and lens based arts. During this intense period of change towards QUAD, Q Arts and partners have been examining the essential principles that will lead the organisation. Some are new and others have endured throughout the last 25 years. The core drivers of the work are partnership, collaboration, production, presentation and participation. Game/Play marks the beginnings of the new programmes of work, in the run up to QUAD, that will continue to explore playful media in more depth.


[House of Technologically Termed Praxis], is a Furtherfield initiative that provides a public gallery, offering a physical interface to networked media art projects thus creating a social space in which people can interact with artworks and each other. The programme is dedicated to activities, events and exhibitions with a focus on participative and collaborative works. The gallery, sited in the vibrant and culturally diverse Green Lanes area of London, works with a wide range of artists and audiences to explore the potential of current network technology to promote distributed creativity. HTTP is funded by the Arts Council of England.