Artists and Writers for Game/Play

Giles Askham, Jon Bird, Peter Bowcott, Javier Candeira, Rebecca Cannon, Ele Carpenter, Ruth Catlow, Kenta Cho, Louise Clements, Jakub Dvorský, Ermajello, Mary Flanagan, Furtherfield, Marc Garrett, Keiron Gillen, Paul Granjon, Mark R Hancock, Martijn Hendriks, Pat Kane, Ana-Marija Koljanin, Jetro Lauha, Maaike Lauwaert, Patrick Lichty, Long Journey Home/QClub/PRU, Low BrowTrash, Michael Mateas, Corrado Morgana, Julian Oliver, Christiane Paul, Thomas Petersen, Andy Polaine, Simon Poulter, Andrew Stern, Nathaniel Stern, Tale of Tales, Jonathan Willett

Artist/Writer: Giles Askham
Giles Askham is an artist and curator. Previously the curator of peterborough digital arts he now chooses to work independently and to collaborate with artists and organisations on arts projects that explore the social implications of technology and communications networks. He is currently interested in the possibilities that technology affords us to communicate, interact, and play with one and other.
Artwork: Aquaplayne
Keynote Text: The Space Between

Writer: Jon Bird
Jon Bird is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics at the University of Sussex and a co-founder and-organiser of Blip, a Brighton-based arts, science and creative technology forum. He is currently working on the AHRC funded Drawbots project which is investigating creativity by artificially evolving robots that can draw. His daughter, Laura, has been hounding him for a tamagotchi for the last 6 months.
Text: Fluffy Tamagotchi by Paul Granjon

Writer: Peter Bowcott
Peter Bowcott's arts practice is concerned with the creation of interactive installations, this work builds upon his previous experience including creating computer music. His projects concentrate on the exploration of computer generated music/video that is manipulated subject to events happening in real time and in real space. Peter Bowcott lectures in Fine Art at the Nottingham Trent University.
Text: Samorost2 by Jakub Dvorský

Writer: Javier Candeira
Javier Candeira writes on art, culture and technology for El Periodico De Barcelona and Rolling Stone Spain. He writes in Barrapunto, the Spanish Free Software news website; teaches about Free Software at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, and runs the Madrid chapter of Dorkbot, the worldwide network of "people doing strange things with electricity". Lately he employs his vanishingly scarce free time working with the Debian GNU/Linux project packaging games and software art pieces, including Kenta Cho's. His Free Software Art Manifesto has been published in the proceedings of the Runme 100 Software Art Festival.
Text: Noiz2sa by Kenta Cho


Writer: Rebecca Cannon
Rebecca Cannon is an Australian media artist/ writer/developer, working professionally in online service delivery, with an academic interest in the history of artistic computer game modification. Rebecca has written papers relating to artistic computer game modification which will be published in the books 'Reskin' by MIT press and 'Anomalie: Video Games and Art' by Intellect Books, both forthcoming. http://www.selectparks.net
Texts: Truck Dismount by Jetro Lauha and 2nd Person Shooter by Julian Oliver

Writer: Ele Carpenter
Ele Carpenter is a curator currently undertaking Doctoral Research with CRUMB at the University of Sunderland. Her research into the relationship between socio-politically engaged art and new media included curating RISK: Creative Action in Political Culture, CCA Glasgow, 2005. Ele was Associate Curator with: CCA 2002 - 2005; PVA 2003 - 2004; Star & Shadow Cinema (formerly Side Cinema), Newcastle, 2002 - 2005. She was previously Curator, NGCA, Sunderland, 1997 - 2002.
Game/Play Conversations: Ongoing conversation with Game/Play Artists

Artist/ Writer: Ruth Catlow
Ruth Catlow is an artist working with a DIY attitude in networked media, online and in public, physical and social spaces. As cofounder, with Marc Garrett, of and co-curator for HTTP [House of Technologically Termed Praxis], London's first dedicated gallery for networked and media arts she was involved in the collaborative realisation of Node.London Season of Media Arts as a "networked, open and distributed event".
Artwork: VisitorsStudio Performance
Keynote Text: Games, Play and Connectivity- a collaborative text with Marc Garrett

Artist: Kenta Cho
Kenta Cho is most famous for his ‘Shmups’ (Shoot-em-ups), which mostly feature abstract reinterpretations of retro classics. He created BulletML, a custom markup language for defining 2D shooter firing patterns, which has been used in a variety of games. Most of his games are written in D programming language and use Simple DirectMedia Layers for graphics.
Artwork: Noiz2sa


Writer: Louise Clements
Louise Clements is curator of Q Arts programme of exhibitions. She has worked with commissions, production and participation since 2002. She is co-founder and curator of the international FORMAT photography festival and co-ordinates TRIGGER, experimental media/film/music events at Q Gallery. Exhibitions include Net:Reality, Encyclopaedia Mundi and Spectrum NTP. Louise has worked as a freelance curator, artist and writer both nationally and internationally since 1998. Exhibitions include Art;X, Henrichutte Industrie Museum, Blauhaus / MIX.e.V. Xanten, Kunstraum - Ennepetal, Germany. She is also chair of Manushi South Asian Dance Company.
Keynote Text: Play is the Exultation of the Possible

Artist: Jakub Dvorský
Jakub Dvorský lives and works in Brno, Czech Republic. Between 1997 – 2003 he studied at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (film and TV graphics, studio of J. Barta). Since 2003 he has been active as a freelance graphic designer and animator; during this period he founded the animation and design studio Amanita Design. Since 2005, has collaborated with the animator Václav Blín.
Artwork: Samorost2

Artist: Ermajello
Ermajello are Paul Deats and Ben Mawson- Harris. Paul Deats is a classically trained musician and artist. He has a background in recording and studio work and is currently working with new technologies to explore sound synthesis and computer-generated instrumentation. Ben Mawson-Harris is a composer and performer. His work utilises live video streaming and multi-monitor video installations, Ben has exhibited at the Bonington Gallery, Nottingham and Radiator, Nottingham's festival for new technology art.
Artwork: Launch event at Q Arts

Artist/ Writer: Mary Flanagan
Mary Flanagan investigates everyday technologies through critical writing, artwork, and activist design projects. In addition to art practice, she creates educational software and games in her mission to make technoculture a more egalitarian environment. She is an active consultant and game designer, and is the creator of The Adventures of Josie True, the first web-based adventure game for girls. Flanagan teaches at Hunter College, NYC. Her research lab is called TiltFactor.
Artwork: [giantJoystick]
Keynote Text: Politicising Playculture


Artist: Furtherfield
Furtherfield is a non-profit organisation for creation, promotion, criticism of Internet,
networked and media art, collaboratively working with artists, programmers, writers, activists, curators, musicians and thinkers, locally and internationally. VisitorsStudio is a project by Marc Garrett, Ruth Catlow and Neil Jenkins who designed the interface and did the backend programming for the project.
Artwork: VisitorsStudio

Artist/ Writer: Marc Garrett
Marc Garrett is an artist working with a DIY attitude in networked media, online and in public, physical and social spaces. As co-founder, with Ruth Catlow, of Furtherfield. org and co-curator for HTTP [House of Technologically Termed Praxis], Londonís first dedicated gallery for networked and media arts he was involved in the collaborative realisation of Node.London Season of Media Arts as a "networked, open and distributed event"
Artwork: VisitorsStudio Performance
Keynote Text: Games, Play and Connectivity- a collaborative text with Ruth Catlow

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Kieron Gillen is an award-winning videogames journalist and critic whose writing has appeared in publications such as The Guardian, Wired, PC Gamer and Edge. He's most infamous for coining the phrase 'New Games Journalism' in his idle manifesto which precipitated the wide-ranging debate on writing on games which still rages two-years on. Regrets? He's had a few. But then again...
Keynote Text: The Slow Decline of the Rule of Rules

Artist: Paul Granjon
Paul Granjon was born in Lyon, France and founded Z Productions in 1988. He has lived and worked in Cardiff for ten years and recently been awarded a NESTA Fellowship and represented Wales in the Venice Biennale. His DIY approach involves using the ever-increasing detritus of the technological revolution to create his robots, films, installations and performances.
Artwork: Fluffy Tamagotchi


Writer: Mark R Hancock
Mark R Hancock is a writer and web publisher. He is Co-Editor and contributor to and the BBC arts pages and was a regular writer for NewMediaFix before it's demise in September 2005. He is interested in understanding how political activities are further realised in the networked society and is currently deep into reading Situationist Internationale papers.
Text: Facade by Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern

Writer: Martijn Hendriks
Martijn Hendriks is a Dutch artist and writer who lives in Brussels. He currently teaches at the University of Maastricht and pursues a PhD research project there on the experience of indifference and beauty in contemporary entertainment. For this purpose, he has had to play many more hours of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas than has been good for him.
Text: The Endless Forest by Tale of Tales

Writer: Pat Kane
Pat Kane is a writer, musician, activist and consultant. He is the author of The Play Ethic: A Manifesto for a Different Way of Living (Macmillan, 2004), runs a blog and website, consults to organisations as diverse as the Cabinet Office, Nokia and Bartle Bogle Hegarty on play, and still writes and sings with Hue and Cry.
Keynote Text: The Implicit Game

Writer: Ana-Marija Koljanin
Ana-Marija Koljanin (born 1975) - art critic and independent curator based in Osijek, Croatia. Graduating at the Art history and Comparative literature departments, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Professional experience includes publishing essays and articles in Croatian art magazines and newspaper, curating, collaborating with artist organisations, gallery programme managing and teaching.
Text: The Golden Shot by Simon Poulter


Artist: Jetro Lauha
Jetro Lauha coder, programmer, developer, artist and musician has been credited on games developed companies: Angelfish (2004), Fathammer Ltd., Fathammer Classics Pack (2004), Gizmondo Europe Ltd., Geopod XE (2004), Fathammer Ltd., Spy Hunter: Missile Crisis (2004), Tapwave, Inc., Stuntcar Extreme Advanced (2004), Dell, Men in Black II: Alien Pursuit (2003).
Artwork: Truck Dismount

Writer: Maaike Lauwaert
Maaike Lauwaert is in the process of writing her PhD thesis at the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands. Her PhD deals with the role of technology in shaping toys and how we play with them. She also works as a freelance journalist writing about contemporary art, comics and computer games.
Text: The Endless Forest by Tale of Tales

Writer: Patrick Lichty
Patrick Lichty is a technologically-based conceptual artist, writer, independent curator, animator for the activist group, The Yes Men, and Executive Editor of Intelligent Agent Magazine. His work spans over 15 years, dealing with media narrative/criticism and information aesthetics under many different contexts. He works in diverse technological media, including painting, printmaking, kinetics, video, generative music, and neon. Venues in which Lichty has been involved with solo and collaborative works include the Whitney Biennial as well as the International Symposium on the Electronic Arts (ISEA).,
Text: VisitorsStudio by

Artist: Low brow Trash
Low Brow Trash is a collaboration between Graham Elstone and Thomas Hall. Graham Elstone has worked with Now Festival, Forma, Touch music label, Suburo Teshigawara/Karas, Dogs in Honey and Lee and Dawes. Recent work has been with inclusion/education, including Youth Offending, writing of Visual Art Plus Strategy (Youth Justice Board/Arts Council) and programmes under the LBT name. Thomas Hall has previously worked alongside Arnolfini, Bristol, South West Screen, Positive Vision, Barcalona, Goat Island, Stelarc, Kira OReilly and Gob Squad. Low Brow Trash have presented work for Arnolfini, Bristol, Now Festival and Bonington Gallery Nottingham, Trampoline, Nottingham and Berlin, Green Room, Manchester and Nanoplex. Also in 2006 LBT have been commissioned by Phoenix Arts, Leicester and funded by De Montfort University/Derby University (NTI) to produce a series of New interactive digital artworks.
Artwork: TAG


Artist: Michael Mateas
Michael Mateas an assistant professor at Georgia Tech in the School of Literature, Communication, and Culture and in the College of Computing. His work in expressive AI involves developing new forms of art and entertainment while also advancing AI research goals. His projects include Office Plant #1, Terminal Time, and, with Andrew Stern, the interactive drama, Façade.
Artwork: Facade

Writer: Corrado Morgana
Corrado Morgana is a lecturer, Media artist and electronic musician. He has been involved in various projects including Node.London, OpenCongress and Critical Practice has dabbled in virtual reality research. He has exhibited video work and performed live electronica at various international venues. He's worked in a variety of digital guises from web developer to computer salesman and is a self confessed geek. He is about to embark on a videogames related PhD, but most importantly, is an incorrigible gamer!,,

Artist: Julian Oliver
Julian Oliver is a New Zealand born software developer, educator, artist and media-theorist. He has presented papers and artworks at many electronic-art events and conferences worldwide. Julian has given numerous workshops in artistic game-development, interface design, augmented reality and open source development practices internationally. In 1998 he established the collective Select Parks.
Artwork: 2nd Person Shooter

Writer: Christiane Paul
Christiane Paul is the Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the director of Intelligent Agent, a service organization dedicated to digital art. She has written extensively on new media arts and her book 'Digital Art' (part of the World of Art Series by Thames & Hudson, UK) was published in July 2003. She is responsible for artport, the Whitney Museum's online portal to Internet art and has curated new media exhibitions at the Whitney as well as other venues in the US and abroad.,
Artwork: [giantJoystick]


Writer: Thomas Petersen
Thomas Petersen is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he is active within the field of digital art and communication. He is a founder and co-editor of Artificial - a web magazine dealing with digital art forms. Furthermore he writes, curates and produces digital artworks. Presently he works for the Danish Ministry of Culture developing an untraditional approach to digital communication of Danish art and culture.,
Text: Samorost2 by Jakub Dvorský

Writer: Andy Polaine
Andy Polaine is co-founded of the awardwinning new-media collective Antirom, in London working with clients such as the BBC, Levis Strauss & Co. and The Science Museum. A Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, his research examines the underlying language of interactivity through play theory. Andy currently lives in Germany and also works as an interactive designer, artist and writer and co-convenes an ethical art and design forum called The Omnium Creative Network.,
Keynote Text: Invitation To Play

Artist: Simon Poulter
Simon Poulter develops work that is political and behavioural in nature. His work explores the human use of technology in everyday life. He has recently completed ‘Automated Knowledge Machine’ for FACT in Liverpool and is in the process of presenting ‘English Deprivation’ – a web site examining statistics, regeneration and culture. He has been influential in developing media labs throughout the UK and abroad and works as a consultant iconoclast to a variety of media arts clients.
Artwork: The Golden Shot

Artist: Andrew Stern
Andrew Stern is a designer, writer and engineer of personality-rich, AI-based interactive characters and stories. With Michael Mateas he has recently completed the interactive drama, Facade a 5-year art/research project. He was a lead designer and software engineer at PF.Magic, developing Virtual Babyz, Dogz and Catz. He’s also been doing research lately with Zoesis and USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies.
Artwork: Facade


Artist: Nathaniel Stern
Nathaniel Stern (Johannesburg / New York) is an internationally exhibited installation and video artist, net.artist, printmaker and performance poet.,
Artwork: VisitorsStudio Performance

Artist: Tale of Tales
Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn have been collaborators since 1999, when Auriea moved from New York City to Gent, Belgium, where the couple still lives and works. They were first known as Entropy8Zuper! Specializing in the creation of immersive and engaging projects for the web. Tale of Tales is a games development studio founded by the pair in 2002. The purpose of Tale of Tales is to create elegant and emotionally rich interactive entertainment for people who are not enchanted by most contemporary computer games.
Artwork: The Endless Forest

Writer: Jonathan Willett
Jonathan Willett is an artist and writer researching a PhD in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University. The relationship between work and text has informed his practice since studying for a History of Art degree at Leeds Metropolitan University. The concept of substance as both material and meaning, underpins his critique of the 'think systems' of everyday life; art as a spanner in the works.
Artwork: Aquaplayne by Giles Askham