2nd Person Shooter by Julian Oliver (2005)

What is it about second person perspective that is, to quote a blogged comment regarding Julian Oliver’s Second Person Shooter, ‘creepy’? First and third person seem comfortable positionings; we are born locked into a familiarity with our own view point, and the third person omniscient provides a reassuring visibility of the very human desire for Godlike power. Second person perspective on the other hand provides the ’creepy’ view of ourselves as others see us. In gaming this usually translates to the point of view of our enemy. The view of the hunter seeking to exploit our vulnerabilities. A view that exposes the harsh truth (or lack thereof) of our representation in reality; the paranoiacs obsession; the disjunction between how we are perceived by others and how we perceive ourselves. Our experience of reality oscillates precariously between the two perceptions. Which, one wonders, is the truth?

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