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Noiz2sa by Kenta Cho (2002)

Kenta Cho plays it by the rules. His works are instantly recognisable as shoot-em-ups, genre pieces following the conventions laid out in the halcyon days of arcade gaming history: rRootage plays out the Ikaruga theme of good-and-bad bullets, Torus Trooper is a shoot-racer descended from Tempest and Zero-X, and even more recent and weird games like Mu-cade or Tumiki Fighters can somehow fit into the commercial game taxonomy without much shoehorning.

VisitorsStudio by (2006)

When placing's VisitorsStudio in the context of a 'work' (sic) in the traditional sense, one might have a problem with definitions. For example, VS, an interesting acronym upon reflection, is formally a 'stone soup' model. That is, VS acts as a container, connector, and root node for artists and performers wishing to virtually get together and 'jam' online. This is a brilliant metaphor for an artspace informed by elements of rave culture, where in many cases, the participants network, do their own performances, like fire-dancing, trade 'props', and share one another's presence. In many ways, it almost creates a networked 'Temporary Autonomous Zone'1 in which the participants freely trade media, perform, and chat under the loose rules of behaviour established upon entering the VS.

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